"Still the best book on the subject. Very inspiring in practical ways."
-James Kalin, developer, LEED Accredited Professional, CEO - Virtually Green

It's wonderful! I finally feel like I belong somewhere! Your book is so packed with information and stories, I'll be referring back to it again and again through the years.
-Victoria Vargas

The photographs alone are worth the price of this book... [the] writing is clear, enjoyable, and inspiring. -Jack Challem, the "Nutrition Reporter," and bestselling author of Syndrome X

"Little House on a Small Planet is revolutionary-in a gentle, soulful way. Read it and learn how to get back to what life is really all about." - Carol Venolia, architect, columnist, Natural Home Magazine, and author of Natural Remodeling for the Not-So-Green House

"The book is informative and hopeful, even empowering. Salomon takes a refreshing approach in that instead of focusing intently on the problem of current housing trends, she provides the data we need to understand it, and then spends her energy on drawing out solutions that each one of us can choose to follow through. Power to the little house people!" - Kimberly Bird, Lime, 25 August 2006

"I cannot recommend this book highly enough. For anyone who has ever dreamed of getting off the mortgage rat race and creating not just a house, but a cozy nest that fits - this is the book! Every page is an inspiration, filled with real-life stories and the author's philosophy and lessons on creating better, more affordable, sustainable, and very personalized housing. There is something here that will fit nearly every lifestyle. For those who want to live in a better way: Read this book!" - Janet Luhrs, author of The Simple Living Guide, Simple Loving, and publisher of Simple Living Magazine.

“Salomon offers the savviest plan I’ve read for figuring out what house you really need. "Build a Glove, Not a Warehouse" and "Give Up Your Loneliness" are two chapter headings that give you a taste of her holistic approach. –Marta Salij, Detroit Free Press, October 22, 2006

"This delightful book is full of inspiring ideas that will help you simplify your housing choices, make more environmentally responsible product and material choices and bring down the square footage of your next home. Or maybe you'll decide to take your current home and turn it into several. You won't be disappointed." - Wanda Urbanska, host/producer of the PBS series, Simple Living with Wanda Urbanska

"Little House on a Small Planet provides an antidote to America's epidemic of loneliness. If you've ever thought of scaling down, read this book. " - John de Graaf, PBS producer and author, Affluenza: The All-Consuming Epidemic

"A thought-provoking journey through the magical and transformative world of simpler living. This text provides the reader with an essential and unique insight into the small house movement. Anyone concerned about runaway materialism and the stress-inducing clutter of our modern world should read this book." - Gregory Paul Johnson, President of the Small House Society

“The book has the quality of a significant conversation with a friend at the kitchen table, discussing options, describing novel alternatives, showcasing ordinary people who happily live small, and encouraging, simply and earnestly,  “ You can do this, too. “ This friend at your table has done her homework: the breadth of the coverage is impressive.”  -Bob Theis, Architect, writing in HopeDance Magazine

"I recommend Little House on a Small Planet to anyone considering purchasing, remodeling or building new to help them set their priorities and plan an appropriate place for themselves in our environment."  Wayne J Bingham, Architect

“Like many readers who will home-in on Salomon's book, I count myself among the “converted”…. Lappé [in her foreword] and Salomon, although separated by a generation, arrive at the same conclusion: ‘Just as hunger isn't caused by scarcity of food, homelessness and our 'housing crisis' aren't caused by a lack of houses.’”  -Germaine Shames, novelist, Author of Between Two Deserts

“Author Salomon is clearly an advocate for the movement, but she doesn’t claim it’s a panacea. She adds substantial chapters about building codes, about sharing small spaces with other people, and about children in small dwellings. These are issues of lifestyle and legality that are essential to making a dwelling function in the real world, but are rarely if ever discussed in architecty/design books….Most recently a few books have emerged that represent the grassroots side of the small-house movement .... Little House On A Small Planet is the best I’ve seen of these…. This book should be a great resource for anyone actually planning on living small — as opposed to just fantasizing about it.” -Bottleman writing in bottleworld.net

“I was intrigued by the diversity of dwellings and their environments: earthen, row, "grow", cottage, ranch, and more.  It is loaded with facts and figures about every conceivable way that modern people have, do, and will build and offers lots of fantastic ideas about how to do more with less. This is not just a "how-to" book -- it is much too personal -- it is also a why and why-not-to book.”  -Scott Thomas, Communities Magazine, Spring ‘07

“This extraordinary book provides not only case studies from all around North America, (including costs, monthly energy expenses, and profiles of the owners) it goes further by introducing philosophical studies on the zen of living large in a small space, freeing the mind for the pursuit of inner happiness by removing the contemporary stresses of maintaining not only large living spaces but also the 'things' that fill today's mega houses. While i had already decided before i found this book to downsize from the 3300 square feet of my present home to something in the area of 1000 square feet, this book made me realize i could go much further, and now my dream home is under 300 square feet!”
-D. Samson, Amazon.com reviewer

“Readers have been hungry for a book like this.”  Staci Matlock, The Santa Fe New Mexican, November, 19 2006


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